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366*76cm Giant Size Blue Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool 2018

£530.00 £265.00

Brand: Qualitywise1
Color: Blue

Material: PVC

Size: 366*76cm(Diameter*Height)

Storage Capacity: 5621L

Net Weight: 10 kg


1.Easy to set up, without any tools (filters, escalators need to be installed spiral knife).

2.The strength and toughness of PVC netting tape is 3 times that of traditional materials.

3.Outside the two layers of PVC tape, sandwich for the mesh material.

4.With greater bearing capacity, toughness stronger.

5.On the ring by the inflatable ring composition, with the water level rise, the pool will automatically lift up.

6.Drainage easy to drain pool water.

7.PVC folder mesh with anti-gasoline, oil and salt water erosion.

there are different set, inculding different accessories, for your selection.

SET F: pool+inflation pump+cover+ground cloth


Additional information

Weight 10000 kg


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